All You Need to Know About NASW Code of Ethics

The NASW code of ethics was launched tom serves as a guide to the day to day professional conduct of all the social workers. The system has four sections which are well spelled out in distinction for a better understanding of the underlining codes.

  • The first section: this section tends to summarize the mission of the social work profession as well as the cove values.
  • The second section: this is referred to as the purpose of the NASW code of ethics. It tends to issue the professionals of the summary or an overview of the main functions of the code. It also publishes a brief guide on how ethical issues or even dilemmas can be dealt with in the social work setting and practice.
  • The third section: this is the section that carries ethical principles.  It offers the professionals of all the moral principles which are broadly spelled out in line with the mission statement and the core values of the industry. The principles tend to inform social work practice.
  • Fourth section: here, the ethical standards are spelled out. It includes all the specific ethical standards that are set aside to guide the social workers’ behavior and conduct in the work environment meant and beyond. The standards which are outlined here also try to issue an adjudication basis in case of any offense.

Aims of the NASW Code of Ethics

The NASW code has the sole aim of identifying the core values on which the mission of the social work is based. In that regard, it tends to give a summary of the ethical principles that are in line with the core values of the professionals. Moreover, this code tries to establish a set of specific ethical standards that are meant to guide the social work practice as well as availing the basis upon which a practitioner can be held accountable by the government.

The Principles of NASW Code of Ethics

In summary, the principles of the NASW codes include the following:

  • The primary goal of the social worker is to assist people in need and to address all the social problems.
  • Social workers have the role of challenging social justice
  • Social workers respect and safeguard the inherent dignity and worth of every person
  • Social workers must recognize the essence of human relationships
  • Social worker behaves in a manner which can be trusted
  • Social workers must practice within their areas of competence to create and enhance their professional expertise.

The ethical standards tend to be articulated under the ethical responsibilities of the social workers to their colleagues, practice environment, to their clients as well as to them as professionals.  It also articulates to the social work profession and other societies in general.

What is NASW?

According to the code of ethics, The National Association of Social Workers is the most significant organization for social workers. It is comprised of over 150, 0000 members. This organization has several functions that it tends to operate and enhance. Some of the significant duties of the national association of social workers include.

Duties of NASW according to the Code of Ethics

  • Promotion of social workers: this body tends to promote the practices of all the social workers globally and ensure that all the social workers adhere to the code of ethics in their places of work.
  • Development of social workers: the organization here also tries to develop and bring up competent social workers who can carry out their mandates as social aiders in the broader [perspective of the society.
  • Protection of social workers: all the social, workers depend on this body for the protection of their rights and responsibilities as workers of the public. It is the body to which every social worker should run in case of any violation of their rights and even personal information breach.
  • Wellbeing of social workers: this body seeks to safeguard the wellbeing of individuals, communities, and even families through the extensive work it does as well as its advocacy. Therefore, for it to achieve this, there have to be requirements made for a professional social worker.

The Requirement of a Professional Social Worker

According to the national association of social workers, a nurse needs to have the following criteria to be accredited and certified as a member of the group.

  • A degree in social work
  • Meets state legal requirements

Areas of Practice for Professional Social Worker

  • Family service agencies
  • Child welfare
  • Community mental health centers
  • Schools
  • Private practice
  • Employee assistant programs
  • Hospitals
  • Public and private agencies

The Bottom Line

Licensed social workers firm the most significant and the highest group of mental health service, providing individuals in the world. Therefore, these people are in access to vital information concerning their clients and other vulnerable individuals in the industry. As such, the NASW laws are asset aside with the sole aim of ensuring that the information that is obtained by these social workers is kept secret and confidential from access by any other individuals, or a third party. The codes, therefore, enhance the proper conduct and behavior of the social workers in any place of work.